Know What You are Getting by Looking at a Vehicle History Report

We at Lithia Reno Subaru want all of our prospective customers to make the most informed purchase possible when it comes to a vehicle. This is why we are encouraging every one of our customers to consider looking through a detailed vehicle history report before buying a used vehicle.

A vehicle history report can reveal a lot of information that you will be unable to tell by just physically inspecting a vehicle. You will get access to detailed information such as prior repairs, accidents, and modifications. 

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Avoid Distracted Driving for Your Safety

We here at Lithia Reno Subaru want you and your loved ones to stay as safe as possible on the road. Because of this want, we have compiled a few tips about driving without distractions on the road. The leading cause of accidents, putting down your smartphone while on your commute, can go an incredibly long way in keeping you and your passengers safe.

First, if you ever find yourself tired or foggy-headed, get off the road immediately! A tired mind is one prone to sloppy mistakes and poor reaction times, which are a recipe for disaster on busy or…

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Tailgating: Throw a Great Pregame Party!

We at Lithia Reno Subaru are always excited to help our customers get ready for the big game. Tailgating is a great way to socialize with other fans. Getting your vehicle packed for the game the night before will always help when traffic is heavy, or you are in a hurry to enjoy the party.

Things to pack for a great party are coolers, a toolbox full of essentials, decorations, a bucket for hot coals, items for a cleaning station and tables and chairs. 

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Protect Your Car Inside and Out With a Car Cover

An essential item that can help keep your car protected from the harsh outdoor elements in all seasons is a car cover. Covering your vehicle with the appropriate car cover will protect the interior as well as the exterior, while also ensuring the resale value and protection from costly repairs.

Covering your vehicle with a car cover can be frustrating and difficult. Using the following tips will assist in your decision of when to cover your vehicle.

  • Vehicles left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time need to be covered. 
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Safely Jump-Starting One Vehicle with Another

In order to be able to safely jump-start one vehicle with another, you'll need to drive the one car as close to the other as possible. With the noses of the two vehicles almost touching, the jumper cables should safely reach. Turn the car lights and engine off, put on safety eye-wear and gloves if you have them.

Place the red, positive end on the plus side of the battery still holding a charge. The other red cable goes on plus side of the bad battery. Place the black, negative end on minus side of the battery holding the…

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Reasons Your Engine May be Overheating

If you are driving around Reno and you suddenly notice that your car is starting to overheat, there are a couple of reasons this might be happening. The most obvious reason why your car is getting too hot is that the vehicle's coolant system is misfiring. This can be because there is a leak, or because you haven't flushed it all that often.

If you think that there is a leak that is causing the overheating, you are going to need to get it fixed. 

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Headlight Replacement & Repair

The headlights on your vehicle help to light the path you’re driving on when on the road. If they’re in a state of disrepair, it prevents you from seeing everything on the road. It also makes it harder for other drivers to see you, which can lead to a crash. Additionally, you can actually receive a ticket from a uniformed officer if you don’t have working lights.

At Lithia Reno Subaru, we have service technicians that can change headlight bulbs, secure a headlight replacement if there is a crack in the housing, and even provide restoration options…

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How to Avoid Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when there is an overflow of water in front of your tires that the vehicle's weight cannot shuffle away. Many find the experience of hydroplaning to be scary since it happens so quickly and can be incredibly devastating. The best way to avoid the potentially life-threatening act of your car or truck lifting off the ground while driving is to drive with extra caution during severe weather conditions.

Many drivers find that going at least five miles under the speed limit can significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident. 

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How to Tell if Your Car's Exhaust System Has a Leak

Your exhaust system takes harmful gases and it keeps them away from you. It helps you to stay safe while you are driving your vehicle. It is important for you to know if that system is leaking and in trouble.

If you notice a popping noise when your engine is running, there is a chance that such a noise is due to a faulty exhaust system. If your steering wheel or seat is vibrating in a way that it did not before, there may be a leak in your exhaust system. Pay attention to the way that your vehicle sounds…

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Why Did Your Car's Tire Pressure Icon Illuminate?

A Tire Pressure Mounting System (TPMS) will let you know if the pressure in your vehicle’s tires are too low, which could compromise the safety of your automobile. When the light is illuminated, it may be that your tires are not fully inflated, and this could result in excessive wear on the tires and eventually lead to complete tire failure. You may want to consider getting your car looked at by a reputable auto service shop in Reno, NV.

There are several reasons why the TPMS light may become illuminated. If the temperature changes or the tire is damaged…

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