Should you Lease or Buy your New Subaru?
Find the best option for you at Lithia Reno Subaru

There are a number of factors in choosing whether Buying or Leasing a new vehicle is best for you. If you need more information, feel free to come down to the dealership and talk to us directly about what suits you and your family, or contact us today.

Leasing vs. Buying

If you're thinking about getting behind the wheel of a new Subaru Outback or Impreza near Lemmon Valley or Sun Valley, Lithia Reno Subaru has options to help you get it home. The majority of our customers choose either a new Subaru lease or an auto loan when they decide to drive away in a new model. Both options are great for making the cost of a new vehicle more manageable, but each one has its advantages.

Whether you choose a lease or loan depends on your priorities. To help you make an informed decision, we've broken down the benefits of each option:

What Are the Benefits of Leasing a New Vehicle?

A lease is a great choice for many drivers for a few reasons. First off, leases typically have lower monthly payments. With a lower monthly expenditure, you may be able to get yourself into a nicer car. Leases also usually have low down payments, making it even easier to get behind the wheel of a brand-new vehicle. Leasing also makes it easier to get a new car every two to three years.

Even with low monthly payments though, a lease isn't the best choice for everyone. A lease agreement does not grant ownership of the vehicle -- you'll have to either purchase it outright or return it to the dealer at the end of the term. Lease agreements usually come with a yearly mileage limit, as well.

Why Should I Apply for an Auto Loan?

If you have your eye on long-term ownership of a Crosstrek or Forester, an auto loan may be the right choice for you. While monthly payments aren't as low as a lease, we can still find affordable rates and payments that split up the total cost of a vehicle over time -- usually several years. An auto loan gives you ownership of the car, so you can drive as many miles as you want and modify your vehicle if you wish.

For more information contact us or stop by our dealership during business hours.

*This information is meant to inform customers and make general comparisons about buying and/or leasing a vehicle. It is not meant to sway a customer towards buying, or towards leasing. This chart does not reflect a specific lease or loan. The information on this page is adapted from an article on Edmunds about leasing vs. buying.

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