Subaru reached a major milestone in its efforts for a more sustainable business. With its partnership with the recycling firm, TerraCycle®, the Subaru Brand and many of its retailers across the country have managed to divert over 6 million piece of hard-to-recycle waste from landfills.

So, how has the Subaru Brand and TerraCycle® achieved such a feat? Well, with TerraCycle® Zero Waste Boxes™ at many participating Subaru retailers, it's much easier to recycle items like disposable coffee cups, lids, straws, wrappers, and even single-use coffee pods. In fact, the initiative has been so successful, that some Subaru locations are even opening up their Zero Waste Boxes™ to local communities, allowing outside waste to be collected and recycled. And other Subaru retailers are even putting them to use recycling spent cabin air filters and flexible plastics.

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