It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ...Your Brakes?

Your brakes carry quite a burden, both figuratively and literally. Aside from bringing thousands of pounds of metal to a sometimes screeching halt when needed, your brakes are responsible for keeping you and other drivers and pedestrians on the road safe. That being said, their functionality is of the utmost importance when you drive.

Signs your brakes might be failing are too often blamed on outside factors. Your car's been taking longer to stop as you approach red lights? Don't blame the local Public Works department or loose gravel. It might mean your brakes are in need of service. Have you been hearing strange grinds or squeals noises coming from the front or rear of your car? Think that noise is coming from big tractor trailer behind you? It might instead be your car. Worn calipers, pads or rotors can make some pretty funky sounds, many of which drivers often fail to realize are coming from their own car.

Nearly all brake pads come equipped with wear indicators that squeal when your pads need replacing, but the noises they make aren't always easily recognizable, especially if you've got the stereo cranked up or heat at full blast. Feel that vibration as you come to a stop? That's likely not a defect in the road. Instead, it could be a brake issue. Truth is, having your brakes inspected before they start causing trouble can often save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Drivers from around Reno can put a stop to all their brake-related questions by calling the parts and service experts at Lithia Subaru. Our team of experts is trained to handle all of your routine service needs, from brake repair to oil changes, tire rotations and diagnostic checks. You can also schedule a brake appointment by calling (866) 550-5118 or by using our free Online Service Appointment Tool. Remember: it's never too early to get ahead of brake trouble!

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