Lithia Reno Subaru knows that you care about keeping your car or SUV in good condition with regular maintenance. Brake service is one of the most important types of vehicle care. Avoiding regular maintenance on your car's brakes can put you at risk for an accident.

Brakes are a complex matter. The braking system of a car has multiple parts such as rotors, fluid lines, and brake pads. All of these have to be working properly. Otherwise, the entire braking system is affected. If you have noticed your brakes slipping when you push the pedal, or heard a growling or squealing noise when the brakes are applied, you should bring your car in for brake service.

We welcome you to schedule an appointment with our service center in Reno. We can inspect your brakes, check the brake fluid levels, and replace any parts that are worn. Our team is ready to assist you with brake service today.


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