Without much effort at all, you can become a hero to the environment while also saving a surprising amount of money. Simply by taking steps to save fuel while you're driving, you can help the world breathe a little easier. To help you figure out where to start, here are some easy steps to save the planet and your pocketbook.

One crucial step is to keep your tires properly inflated at all times. Tires, especially those that are underinflated, cause your vehicle to work harder to move the same load in Reno, meaning you use more gas if you don't watch your tire pressure. Along the lines of proper vehicle maintenance, it's also important to keep a clean engine air filter in your vehicle so that your engine isn't overworked and to help promote cleaner and more efficient combustion.

At Lithia Reno Subaru, we want you to be prepared to save as much fuel as possible, so feel free to stop by our service center anytime.


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