There are few things more embarrassing for drivers than giving someone a ride in a downright filthy car. At Lithia Reno Subaru, we want you to be proud of the vehicle that you own. That's why we're offering two simple tips for giving your auto a quick and easy clean.

Get Rid Of What You Don't Need

Start by rounding up any junk that you've left in the car. Get rid of disposable cups and other empty beverage containers, old food wrappers, and receipts. All miscellaneous garbage can be collected within just a matter of minutes. You should also take your gym bag out of the car to empty it out, freshen its contents, and make sure that it's ready for your next workout. These basic efforts won't just leaving your car looking better; they'll also improve how it smells.

Complete Some Light Detail Work

Use a quality glass cleaner to give all of your car's windows a streak-free shine. Then, use a portable vacuum to extract all crumbs and other debris. While your car won't look like it's been professionally and thoroughly cleaned, this light detail work will definitely make it more attractive to passengers. For additional car care tips or to find the perfect vehicle for your needs, stop by Lithia Reno Subaru today for a test drive.


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