The Importance of Correct Tire Pressure

The appropriate tire pressure must be maintained in all of the vehicle's tire year-round in order to have the ability to handle the vehicle properly. Tires might be over or underinflated.

When tires are overinflated, the weight of the vehicle concentrates on the center strip of the tire. Underinflated tires concentrate the weight on the outer edges of the tire. In either scenario, the tires are not providing a sufficient amount of traction. If not inflated properly, you also decrease the life of the tires. The affected tire or tires are also at greater risk for unexpected blowing out.

The maximum allowable tire pressure is indicated on the sidewall of the tire. A simple tire pressure gauge enables vehicle owners to see the actual pressure that each tire contains. Visit with one of our skilled technicians at our Subaru dealership for all your tire questions and maintenance needs.



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