Safely Jump-Starting One Vehicle with Another

In order to be able to safely jump-start one vehicle with another, you'll need to drive the one car as close to the other as possible. With the noses of the two vehicles almost touching, the jumper cables should safely reach. Turn the car lights and engine off, put on safety eye-wear and gloves if you have them.

Place the red, positive end on the plus side of the battery still holding a charge. The other red cable goes on plus side of the bad battery. Place the black, negative end on minus side of the battery holding the charge, then the other black cable to a metal surface on the car getting the jump-start. Start your car, wait a few minutes, start the other car, and then remove cables in opposite order.

If the battery needs a jump, get the car to our auto service facility in Reno so we can test to see if it can hold a charge any longer or needs to be replaced.

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