Why Did Your Car's Tire Pressure Icon Illuminate?

A Tire Pressure Mounting System (TPMS) will let you know if the pressure in your vehicle’s tires are too low, which could compromise the safety of your automobile. When the light is illuminated, it may be that your tires are not fully inflated, and this could result in excessive wear on the tires and eventually lead to complete tire failure. You may want to consider getting your car looked at by a reputable auto service shop in Reno, NV.

There are several reasons why the TPMS light may become illuminated. If the temperature drastically changes or the tire is damaged, such as a puncture, the light will come on. When the temperature is cold outside, it may cause the light to flash momentarily because the cold temperatures will cause the tire pressure to temporarily below the minimum threshold.

If your vehicle’s TPMS light is illuminated, visit Lithia Reno Subaru to have the pressure checked in your tires.

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