How to Tell if Your Car's Exhaust System Has a Leak

Your exhaust system takes harmful gases and it keeps them away from you. It helps you to stay safe while you are driving your vehicle. It is important for you to know if that system is leaking and in trouble.

If you notice a popping noise when your engine is running, there is a chance that such a noise is due to a faulty exhaust system. If your steering wheel or seat is vibrating in a way that it did not before, there may be a leak in your exhaust system. Pay attention to the way that your vehicle sounds and feels to know if you have something bad going on.

Lithia Reno Subaru can look at your exhaust system and figure out if there is an issue there that has to be addressed. You can trust our team to figure out what is going on and to take care of things if you have a problem. Come to our car repair shop in Reno, NV to get set up with quality help.

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