Your Vehicle Needs a Back-to-School Service Checkup

The reason getting the cooling system inspected this school season should be a priority for car owners is because there are so many parts that need to be working together to keep these parts from seizing.

The service team will pay very close attention to the water pump. If the belt is too loose or the bearing start to fail, the pump is going to be unable to circulate the coolant through the engine and radiator. In short order, the moving parts will heat up and the engine overheat.

The thermostat has the one job of maintaining and regulating temperatures in the engine. If the thermostat fails, now the coolant gets too hot and the moving parts could seize. If the belts or hoses are failing, the mechanic will get them replaced so the cooling system continues to operate without issue.

Make the cooling system inspection a priority and book your appointment with Lithia Reno Subaru today.

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