How to Avoid Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when there is an overflow of water in front of your tires that the vehicle's weight cannot shuffle away. Many find the experience of hydroplaning to be scary since it happens so quickly and can be incredibly devastating. The best way to avoid the potentially life-threatening act of your car or truck lifting off the ground while driving is to drive with extra caution during severe weather conditions.

Reducing your speed is the best way to avoid hydroplaning. Many drivers find that going at least five miles under the speed limit can significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident during stormy weather. It is also a good idea to avoid sudden increases in speed that often occur when you are trying to merge lanes or pass a vehicle. It is better to slow down and get behind traffic instead of trying to get ahead and having a car wreck.

You can learn more about hydroplaning and how to avoid it when you stop by Lithia Reno Subaru and speak with a Subaru service specialist.

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