Importance of Tire Tread Evaluation

Making the decision to buy new tires is easier when you have regular maintenance at your local service center. A car can literally skate over the road when tire tread is thin. A conversation on tire tread is boring until you have a near-miss at a traffic light, or barely miss hitting an absent-minded shopper. Let the Lithia Reno Subaru team inspect your tires and help you enjoy better traction this season.

Driving on a neighborhood street with a steep grade with poor tread can cause serious injury to others or yourself. Tires are designed for every type of roadway. If you prefer to spend weekends in muddy regions or on rough logging roads, there are tires to handle the pressure. Heavy snow, icy conditions, or steep grades are no match for the right tire.

Visit our Reno Subaru service bay and get the best tires for your vehicle. Lithia Reno Subaru has smart technicians with equipment ready to test the tread on your tires. Do this before you find yourself in a regrettable situation that might be avoided with a little attention to your tire tread.

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