Protect Your Car Inside and Out With a Car Cover

An essential item that can help keep your car protected from the harsh outdoor elements in all seasons is a car cover. Covering your vehicle with the appropriate car cover will protect the interior as well as the exterior, while also ensuring the resale value and protection from costly repairs.

Covering your vehicle with a car cover can be frustrating and difficult. Using the following tips will assist in your decision of when to cover your vehicle.

  • Vehicles left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time need to be covered.
  • If your vehicle is exposed to sap from trees and bird droppings, a cover is essential.
  • Vehicles that are not frequently used will need to be covered.

With assistance on when and how to cover your vehicle, talk to the professionals at Lithia Reno Subaru. They will be happy to discuss the advantages of car covers with you.



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