Use Our Online Scheduling App to Make Your Appointment

Most people barely have enough time in the day to stop for coffee, let alone sit in the waiting room at the service center hoping a bay opens soon. Here is why you should be using the online scheduling app to book your service call at the dealership.

When the new season rolls around and you want an expert team to replace the fluids and change the filters, use the online scheduling app to choose a time when it is convenience for you. This way you can roll up at the scheduled time and spend less time waiting for the work to be done.

Perhaps there are issues with the tires on your car and you have been putting them off because things are very busy in your world. Use the online scheduling app to pick a time that works for you and the techs can inspect those tires as soon as you arrive. Book your next appointment now and visit Lithia Reno Subaru when it's convenient for you.

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