How to Keep Food From Spilling in Your Car

Holiday food is meaningful for many people. If you want to bring your favorite dish to a family gathering without spilling it all over your car, then learn a few tips from the Lithia Reno Subaru team. You can take food with you in your car, keep it from tipping, and keep it from making a mess.

  • If you want to keep a dish of food from spilling, do not overfill the dish. Keep a little extra room in the dish.
  • If you have a family member riding with you in the car, ask them to hold the food so that it does not tip.
  • If you do not have anyone right with you, make sure that you put the dish of food in a place in the car where it will be secure.

Happy holidays to you and all of your family from those of us here at our Reno Subaru dealership!

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